Can I see your porfolio?

Absolutely!  The articles in my portfolio are like my children.  Very precious to me. 

I do not showcase my clients online for competition to see, but it is available upon your request.  After talking to me, giving me a feel for what you are looking for, I will select a few items in my portfolio for your view.

References are available upon request as well.

SEO! What is your SEO Plan?

I have 3 different plans for SEO (Search Engine Optimizations):


Stage 1:  I have a basic SEO submission upon the completion of your website that is included in your initial quote.


Stage 2:  I install a 3rd party software to control your SEO 24/7 365, all automatically, giving you great results.


Stage 3:  I install the same software, but I actual monitor the software, add keywords, meta tags and phases, and all while using additional tactics that coincide with MAJOR Search Engines' algorithms.


You may see the SEO packages I offer in my product area of this website.

How long does it take to complete my website?

If you found me on an advertisement somewhere, chances are, I am open to take on a new client.  Work will start right away after deposit, and I will get you done ASAP.  I always give a pessimistic and optimistic time frame depending on my schedule and other work in front of me.


In rare cases, if I run into a snag, or for some reason there is a projected delay, I always communicate with my clients and let them know.

What makes you so different from the last guy we fired?

I legitimately care about, not just the work that I do, but the people that I serve.  What you see it what you get.

Giving clients 100% professional work comes easy for me.  The challenging part is helping clients venture off into the future with their product as I support them along the way. 

I have no personality changes upon receiving payment.  I am friendly when we first meet, and friendly when you call me 2 years later.  Constancy is the key for me while building a business to business relationship.

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